kids' birthday party guide

We’ve been stuck indoors so long, not able to celebrate with our friends and loved ones, that we all have been eagerly awaiting the chance to party and have fun again, especially kids! Now that we can celebrate and give our little ones the birthday party they deserve, we may need some ideas on how to make it a unique, fun-filled celebration. Theme and food are two huge parts of what makes a kid’s party awesome, so check out these awesome ideas to make your kid’s birthday party memorable!

Kids’ Party Themes

Camp Out-Themed Birthday

A camp-out-themed birthday can be a very fun option for kids.

They can put their tents in the backyard, or make a fort in the living room! Either option will have kids entertained and having an awesome time!

Outdoor Movie Night

Kids love movies!

Pick a classic, get some blankets, prepare some popcorn or any other delicious treat, and you have a perfect birthday party activity for all ages! Here’s a Kid City Guide Idea: you can send the invitations as movie tickets!

Pool Party

Another great option for the warm weather is a Pool Party!

There’s no need to take the kids to a pool, you can have a great celebration in your backyard with some kiddie pools and water games like water balloons and sprayers!

Drive-By Birthday Parade

Drive-By birthday parades started to be popular in 2020 when we all had to be socially distanced.

However, these will still be going to be popular for a little longer. You can give your guests a designated time in which they can drive by your home, or you can decorate your car and drive by the home of your kid’s friends! Either option will require balloons, posters, and signs to make it more fun and celebrational!

Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol is a total hit among little kids.

You can have a Paw Patrol-themed party with cakes or cupcakes with the characters’ faces and everyone will be more than happy!

Mermaids Party Theme

There’s are many decor and food ideas for this theme!

You can turn your home into an ocean with amazing decoration, hire experts for face painting, offers some arts & crafts time, and so much more!

Space-Themed Parties

Kids are so curious about space and astronauts that this birthday theme is going to be a total success!

Throw an out-of-this-world party with galactic decor, space-themed cookies and cakes, and fun activities!

Spa Party

Little kids can play pretend and become little adults with this pampering theme!

Get cucumber slices in water, offer cozy slippers, and have a blast at this Spa Party!

Gender-Neutral Party Themes

There are many ideas for Gender-Neutral party themes including food, non-pink and blue colors, gender-inclusive activities, and more!

You will be seeing many of these gender-neutral party themes as they’re here to stay.

Superhero Party

No matter the generation, kids will always love superheroes!

You can ask your guests to come in their favorite superhero costume and enjoy activities related to their superpowers! Superhero Parties are always a success!

Baking Party

This is a great option for a birthday party! You can give kids an easy cooking-related task like decorating cupcakes or cookies!

Get different colored icings and sprinkles and watch how they spend time creating and having a blast! Best of all, they can eat their own creations!

Art Party

A requirement for your guests: do not bring nice clothes!

Kids will get messy and creative at this birthday party! They can have a great time painting or get artistic with things such as shaving cream or paint-filled eggs! They can take home their creation as a souvenir!

Mad Scientist

Host a hands-on science-themed party!

You can hand out lab coats and prepare some easy and kid-friendly experiments to do at home! Kids will be entertained and having a blast!

Food Ideas

Themed Cake Pops

Cake Pops are already a classic for kids’ parties.

They are easy to handle and you can choose among many varieties and themes to make some unique treats!

Mini Pizzas

Kids love pizza… actually, everyone loves pizza!

This is also a great option for their tiny hands, and you can offer different toppings with lots of cheese!

Individually-Packaged Meal Boxes

Host a hands-on science-themed party!

You can hand out lab coats and prepare some easy and kid-friendly experiments to do at home! Kids will be entertained and having a blast!

Mini Sandwiches

Mini sandwiches are perfect for kids!

They are easier to grab by their little hands, and you can fill them with different things.

Take-Home Cookies

Perfect for pandemic-era parties, these take-home treats are an excellent idea to hand out as a souvenir!

You can make the cookies yourself or buy them, and choose a decorating related to the theme of your party!